A Gypsy Honeymoon {And a Post Litquake Partum}

Gypsy Honeymoon

I haven’t had a chance to catch you up on the final night of Litquake, known as Litcrawl.  There were 65 different venues in which readings and other artistic antics took place in San Francisco.  While the hubby volunteered at “Read on the Brat:  Punk Writers Take the Stage” at Amnesia, I was dutifully stationed at Gypsy Honeymoon just a few blocks away on Valencia, handing out surveys and attempting to keep visitors from breaking delicate objects.   The subject:  “Anthemion – Writers Respond to the Antique Object.” 

Stepping inside Gypsy Honeymoon is like crossing the threshold of a salon in 19th century Paris or Prague.  Gorgeous light fixtures hung from the ceiling, delicate glass objects were carefully perched atop antique wooden tables and unique objets d’ arte for sale adorned the various antique display cases.  The readings were good, but the decor was what really captured the imagination.  Or, maybe it was because I couldn’t really hear most of what was being said – being so close to the door and the throngs of people parading by, coming or going to the many readings scattered throughout the Mission District.

At one point during a reading, in which the writer, Christian Nagler was reading from his work wearing a pair of silk Chinese ear covers from the 1800’s, a gentleman was standing in front of a cluster of the aforementioned glass objects and was swinging his arms back and forth, as if to crack his back or align his spine, barely missing some antique glass beakers by a millimeter.   I had to make my way through the crowd and ask him nicely to stop.


Aside from this stressful moment, Litquake lived up to its reputation and even surpassed its earlier years.  The after party at the Blue Macauw was well attended (I think I caught a glimpse of Phil Bronstein and his wife).  And, my new BFF’s Jennifer and Jenny, along with Greg and Kevin (Mr. Micro Gigantic) and I watched from the second level as people below us gyrated to Michael Jackson. 

Ahhhhhh.  It was a fun filled week listening to the spoken word, meeting interesting new people, people watching and being inspired.  And, now it’s time to get back to the matter at hand.  Thrifting.

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