Thrifting, A Children's Play and Artichoke Soup

So, as it turns out, we have a very talented playwright in our very own neighborhood.  Her name is Tracy and she just wrote a children’s play which the hubby and I were honored to participate in recently.  About 30-40 of our neighbors and their children sauntered over to our community center and watched us all perform in the first run of the play.  Why am I telling you this?  Because Tracy fashioned most of the character’s costumes out of clothing and props that she found at thrift stores, including the Pescadero Thrift Store, which is written up in the “South Bay” section of my website and Thrift Town in San Leandro, which is written up in the “East Bay” section. 

Tracy's Cast of Characters

One of the best things about the Pescadero Thrift Store is its proximity to Duarte’s Tavern which undoubtedly serves up the yummiest artichoke soup and has won many awards.  Please do yourself a favor, if you’re ever in Pescadero.  Go directly to Duarte’s and order a bowl of artichoke soup with a side of warm sourdough bread.  Then, check out the interesting things you can find in the Pescadero Thrift Store next door, and thank me for telling you about it.  And, thank you, Tracy for being such a wonderful and talented neighbor and friend.  Zerrick and I had fun!

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  1. Bravo to all of my friends/actors who wowed our little neighbors with a stupendous west coast premier of “Space Pals.” Finding the costumes for my plays is always a blast…Consider using thrift store garments in different ways other than what they were intended. For example, cut open a skirt and attach some ties to the ends and you have a cheap cape ( I got several plaid skirts and added some fur along the top of the cape which used to be the waistband and costumed my middle school version of “MacBeth”). Women’s satin nighgowns make great tunics for pseudo male Renaissance costumes. Cut and paste is not just relegated to just the kindergarten classroom. Play with the clothes and have lots of fun.

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