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The Thrifting Gods were with us the other day, as we combed some of Walnut Creek’s best thrift stores.  First up, Rainbow’s End.  We were on our way to Brent’s Birthday Bowling Bash and had a couple of hours to spare (no pun intended), so of course, we decided to hit up a few thrift stores.

At Rainbow’s End, we uncovered a bevy of treasures (as usual).  First, there is the antique tea caddy with engraved cover that I swooped in on the moment I laid eyes on it.  Here’s a peek:

I can hardly wait to have people over just to serve hot canapes from under the engraved dome of the caddy.  Stuffed mushrooms, maybe?   Whatever, it will be oh-so-dramatic to lift up that lid!

While meandering around the back of the store in the men’s section, I happened to lean down to take a closer look at something that caught my eye.  There, on the bottom shelf was a perfect leather bowling ball case – complete with green and black bowling ball and a separate section under the ball to store your shoes.  (Reminder:  We were on our way to a bowling birthday party).  

Without a moment’s hesitation, hubby trudged it up to the front counter where one of the sweet and friendly volunteers exclaimed, “Oh, my husband’s bowling ball!”  As it turns out, his bad knees have prevented him from bowling of late, so he donated his prized possession to Rainbow’s End.  The kindly volunteer clutched onto it one last time before pushing it towards us gently on the counter declaring that she’d let her husband know that it had found a good, new home.  And, at 75% off, you’d better believe it had!

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