Thrifted Christmas

So, the crescendo of Christmas has passed and now we find ourselves in the holiday diminuendo hurtling quickly towards New Year’s Eve.  It’s a great time to reflect upon the wonderful, Thrifted Christmas we had this year.  I’d like to share with you a few of my favorite finds that were gifted to my lucky friends and family, as well as showcase a couple of the great, thrifted gifts that Santa brought me.

First up, maties, is the ship’s wheel wine rack that I scored at the Goodwill in Oakley.  I had only stopped by briefly to take a couple of photos and there it was.  This went to my brother, Ken who lives in a boating community, actually has a boat, and likes wine, so it was perfect!  (Let’s hope he agrees).

My next favorite thrifted gift is the 1940’s vintage tie that hubby got with painted scenes of San Francisco on it.  I will always wonder what this one would have captured on Ebay, but hubby liked it, so it’s going into his vintage tie collection.  This gem was thrifted at the ARF store in Concord.

OK, I have a confession to make.  This next one I bought at Rainbow’s End in Walnut Creek, intending it as a gift for someone (who shall remain nameless), but the more I looked at it and admired it and visualized serving finger sandwiches and scones on it from Bake Sale Betty’s or Sweet Adeline Bake Shop, the more attached I became to it and the less I was willing to part with it.  This, of course, is one of the dangers of finding extraordinary things at thrift stores.   I know it is better to give than to receive, so I gave this one to myself.  Please forgive me this minor transgression.

Next up are some of the lovely thrifted gifts I received.  There’s the holly-themed ensemble from sister-in-law Lori, who is as good a thrifter as they come.   She would make Martha proud.  What fine home would be without the 1989 edition of Martha Stewart’s Christmas: Entertaining, Decorating and Giving?  I can hardly wait ’til Xmas 2011 when I can delve into some of it’s finer points, like creating a Cockscomb Topiary, whipping up a batch of Spiced Seckel Pears and bringing a few dozen Sandkakers to the next cookie exchange.  Just send me an email if you would like any of these recipes!

And, last, but certainly not least is the “Nice Kitty” potholder that Claudia, the Queen of Thrifting, found who knows where.  And, come to find out that it is quite handy as a unique party glove/fashion accessory, too!

Just goes to show ya that the best, most interesting gifts are the ones that come from thrifts!

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