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So, as I’m learning how to use Twitter myself, it occurs to me that more thrift stores in the Bay Area should open up Twitter accounts and start tweeting. Thrifty people are hungry for information about sales or special deals going on at our area thrift stores and what better way than to shout it out real time?

I’ve done some research and have only found ONE independent thrift store in the entire Bay Area that utilizes Twitter to get the thrifty word out – the Happy Dragon Thrift Store in Los Gatos. They have quite a following, too with 325 followers at last count.  Not only that, but they’ve tweeted 632 times and are following 702 people.

I realize that most thrift stores are operating on a shoe-string budget and are mostly volunteer-run, but maybe I could help by tweeting out some deals every once in awhile!? Hey thrift stores – email me your deals and I’ll tweet them for you!

The benefit of using Twitter is that it is easier to manage than a website and it is a more public forum than Facebook, since you don’t have to be vetted (or approve a friend request) in order to be followed.

So, be sure to follow the Happy Dragon Thrift Store on Twitter! I have a feeling they are going to set a trend and that more and more stores will see the value of developing Twitter followers. Follow Happy Dragon at

And, if you are at a thrift store and want to send me a tweet about a thrifty deal, or you are a thrift store that wants to get the word out, be sure to tweet me @thriftymimi at

Read more about the Happy Dragon Thrift Store at

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