A Thrifting Vacation {Or a Vacation from Thrifting}

A Thrifting Vacation {Or a Vacation from Thrifting}

Having just returned from a two week jaunt to DC and then NY, I have to admit that I am probably more surprised than anyone but as it turns out, it was a thrifting vacation.  I mean it was actually a vacation from thrifting.  I suppose that makes some sense when I stop and think about it, having the daunting task of documenting all the Bay Area thrifts looming over me most days.  But, really, this is a first, so I want to share the Top 5 Reasons why I took a thrifting vacation.

5.  I was too busy eating at all the great restaurants, including Founding Farmer’s, Lincoln and Busboys and Poets in DC.  And, Pepolino, Spice Market, El Centro and the gelato cart on the High Line in NY.  Oh yes, let’s not forget Magnolia Bakery, shall we?

4.  My feet were such stumps after all the walking that the thought of shlepping to a thrift store might have sent me to the hospital.

3.  None of my maps or guide books listed thrift stores.  Plus, concierges aren’t really tapped into where the best thrifts are.  But, if you’re in NY and you need to know where they are, check out Nicole Poole’s website http://www.thriftstoreconfidential.com.

2.  I discovered the discount department store Century 21 and was immediately hooked.

1.  I just needed a break.

So, I hope you will bear with me while I get back into the swing of things and continue on my journey.  I hope to get a few more stores listed this week…

Hope you are having a great Summer!



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