Black Friday deals online a myth?

<strong>Black Friday deals online a myth?</strong>

Are there really great Black Friday deals online? Word is that the average American will spend $704 shopping on Black Friday.  Doesn’t that seem a bit excessive to you?  Well, if you’re like me and you cringe at the thought of spending that much during the holidays, much less on one shopping day a year, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to.  We don’t have to buy into the hype about Black Friday.  and, we certainly don’t have to go into debt buying gifts for the holidays.  Truly, you can find lovely, inexpensive, re-purposed and recycled gifts at your local thrift store.

In an effort to allay your Black Friday Blues, I’m bringing back my list of thrifted holiday gift ideas to save you hundreds of dollars this holiday season.  So here goes.

Here are my Top 5 Thrifted Gift Ideas that are sure to keep you under budget this holiday season!

1.  For The Sweet Tooth Crowd

Find a new or vintage cake stand, pie pan, cookie jar or beautiful, decorative plate (wash them first, of course), then fill them with goodies that either you bake or that you buy from your favorite local bakery.  My talented sister-in-law Lori did this for Thanksgiving, finding a beautiful harvest colored dish at the Goodwill for 2 bucks and then filling it with homemade Thanksgiving cookies.  (If there’s no time for that, head to the store’s Xmas section, buy a bag of Xmas ornaments and place them where the sweety goodness would go to add a bit of color). Also, look for old-fashioned ice cream sundae glasses and then combine them with a book on ice cream or put them in a basket with a cute checkered hand towel.  Cost: Way Under $20.   

Vintage Cake Stands

 2.  For The Guys

You would not believe the amazing men’s ties that I have found at thrift stores, most for around $1.99 or less.  Comb through the tie rack and look for quality silk ties or vintage ties with interesting fabrics and designs.  Often, you’ll find designer labels, too.  You may want to examine the tie carefully to make sure that it doesn’t have any stains, and make sure that the backing is in place.  Once you’ve found your treasure, head to the glass case near the cash register to scout out any tie tacks or cuff links that you can add to round out your gift.  Cost:  Around $10.

Vintge Men’s Tie and Cufflinks

3.  For The Kids

Thrift stores -especially those in more affluent areas – often get donations of excellent children’s clothing and toys.  As we know, kid’s clothes can go through the wringer more than adult clothing, so be sure to examine them for wear and tear and stains.  Sometimes, with a little cleaning at home, even some tough stains can come out.  There is a stain remover called Zout that works like a charm.  Cost: Under $5

Vintage Boy’s Red Velvet Christmas Suit


4.  For Your Favorite Book Worm

The book section of your local thrift store often becomes a receptacle of recent, popular bestsellers.  Not to mention the ocassional first edition or antiquarian book that sometimes gets lost in the bookshelves.  Take a little time to peruse the book section and be amazed at what you can find.  Think about what an area of interest is for the person(s) you are shopping for and you may just find the perfect gift!  Cost:  Under $5

5.  For The Gals

The best place to look for interesting and inexpensive costume jewelry is the glass case at your favorite thrift store.  Stores often place their more valuable jewelry, handbags, and other accessories for your favorite fashionista or jewelry hound under glass to protect them.  Scour the glass cases for the highest quality goods available in the store, then look for unique brooches, rings, necklaces, or earrings.   Look for items that would appeal to the person you are shopping for and then be proud of yourself for saving so much money.  Cost:  Around $15.

Vintage Poodle Brooch

With just a sprinkle of imagination, you’ll have fun imagining all sorts of thrift store goods taking on a second life this holiday season.  Drop me a line, if you have any questions (See “Contact” Page) or if you want a hint on where you can find great holiday gifts like these!   Save lots of money and recycle, to boot.  Your holiday can’t get any greener than this!  And, you won’t spend even close to $704!

Keep away the Black Friday Blues and don’t buy into the hype.  Have yourself a Thrifted Little Christmas!

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  1. Fabulous tips Mimi! I love all of these ideas. Vintage holiday shopping at your local thrift store is the way to go. Reduce, reuse and recylce…I love it. And, we do not have to buy into the Black Friday hype and mentality, we always have a choice!

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