Let's Talk Turkey Day

<strong>Let's Talk Turkey Day</strong>

OK, let’s talk turkey day.  With the Thanksgiving holiday rapidly approaching, I know many of you are trying to figure out a nice, inexpensive way to make your holiday table sparkle.  Well, I have just the answer!  Head to your local thrift store!  If you need more dishes for those unexpected guests, mix and match with plates you find that add texture, color and style to your table decor.  You can alternate your regular dishware with your thrifted plates for a beautiful, eclectic table.  Look for serving platters, serving spoons, gravy boats and other pieces to satisfy your Thanksgiving needs. Mix it up a little, it’s a lot more interesting than boring, matchy-matchy!

And, for a unique Thanksgiving table decor, try this simple centerpiece creation (borrowed from my dear friend Hutchie). Find a glass vase and fill it with a bag of cranberries.  You can find fresh cranberries at Trader Joe’s right now for $1.99 per bag.  Then, buy a dozen roses or other flower of your choice (also available at Trader Joe’s), trim the stems down and place the flowers into the cranberries and fill the vase with water.  Voila!  You’ll have a beautiful, unique Thanksgiving centerpiece for around $10-$15.

You certainly could go to Crate and Barrel and spend hundreds of dollars on new dishware and such, but just give thrifting a try first.  I promise that you will be AMAZED at what you can find.  With a little imagination and a dash of courage, you can have a Thrifted Thanksgiving!  And, you’ll be helping others who are less fortunate by spending your hard-earned dollars at stores that give back to your community.  These non-profit organizations need our help to continue to do their good work, so what could be better than that?

turkey day centerpiece
Let’s Talk Turkey Day

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