It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

<strong>It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!</strong>

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Hear ye, hear ye!  (Sound of a bell ringing)…Thrift Stores everywhere are filled with tons of vintage and gently-used Christmas decorations right now.  Just yesterday, I happened into the Thrift Town in San Leandro where I found a plethora of Christmas goodness.  I found a hand-made vintage toy soldier ($1.99), a vintage Japanese hanging ornament (.99 cents), a bag of red Christmas ornaments (.69 cents), a box of Christmas cards ($1.00), vintage children’s fun books ($.49 cents), and bags upon bags of beautiful ribbons in every color of the rainbow ($2.99).

Why am I telling you this?  Because shopping for Christmas at your favorite thrift store will allow you, too, to find unique, vintage and recycled goods, while staying well within your shopping budget.  So many people spend SO much money during the holidays and it’s all for naught.  You can save a ton of money by selecting one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts at a thrift store near you.

So, give it a try.  I may be shouting into the wind, since most of you who visit this site are already sold on the idea, but maybe there will be just one person who stumbles upon these pages by accident and decides they will give thrifting a try this holiday season.  Not only will you save money, but you could also be saving people’s lives (or at least supporting those who help others).  And, isn’t that the best present of all?

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