Salvage Yards Around the Bay Area

<strong>Salvage Yards Around the Bay Area</strong>

So, a lot of you enjoy hitting the salvage yards around the Bay Area, I’ve noticed.  How do I know this? I’ve been watching the most popular searches, according to my Word Press stats and it tells me that many of you are interested in my on-going, comprehensive listing of salvage yards.  Probably the loveliest salvage yard that I’ve ever been to in the Bay Area is Artefact Design & Salvage in Sonoma.  You will not believe your eyes when you enter their spacious, treasure-filled grounds and see what the owner Dave Allen has shlepped from all points of the globe to his upscale salvage yard.  Yes, some pieces are definitely pricey, but if you’re in the market for one-of-a-kind architectural pieces deconstructed from a vintage high-rise building in Manhattan or wooden doors from India, then you will be heading to the right place.

And, then, let’s not forget about all of the truly wonderful things you can find at Ohmega Salvage or Urban Ore in Berkeley.  They never cease to amaze!

So, for all you salvagers out there, here is a clip from an Eye On The Bay segment about one of our local salvage yards that you may enjoy.  And, for everyone, hope you have a fun time finding unique, one-of-a-kind architectural gems on your salvage yard treasure hunt around the Bay Area!  And, if you haven’t already found what you’re looking for, be sure to check out my list of salvage yards around the Bay Area. I will be updating it and making sure it is the most comprehensive list of salvage yards out there.  And, be sure to let me know what amazing things you’ve found.  I love hearing from you!

Happy Salvaging!



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