The Cutest Thing I Saw Today While Thrifting

<strong>The Cutest Thing I Saw Today While Thrifting</strong>
The cutest thing I saw today while thrifting
The cutest thing I saw today while thrifting

I’m learning (the hard way) that I don’t have to buy everything I see that I love when I’m thrifting.  This is something that has taken years of practice, mind you, but today was especially challenging when I laid my eyes upon the cutest vintage ceramic piggy planter at Thrift Town in the Mission.  Do I need any more cute vintage ceramics?  Um, no.  Of course I don’t.  What I really need to do is get better at Ebaying because inevitably what would happen is that I would buy the cute piggy planter, then after awhile grow tired of it taking up the limited space on our kitchen counter, list it for sale on Ebay, then end up paying more to cover the cost of shipping the piggy planter to some savvy person in the Midwest who will then turn around and sell it on Ebay and make a bunch of cash on it.  This is pretty much what happens whenever I try to sell something on Ebay.

I recently learned that my second cousin, Ian, sold a vintage fire engine toy on Ebay that he found and made 900 smackeroos.  It’s fair to say that this would never happen to me.  But, you go, Ian.  So, in the interest of saving time and money, I was able to admire the piggy planter, see that it was made in Japan (read more on this at, place it back down gently on the shelf at Thrift Town, smile at it, take a picture of it so that I could share its cuteness with you, my fellow thrifty-lovin’ friends, and walk away without taking it home.  This is surely progress.

Hope you’re all enjoying the beautiful week-end.

Happy Thrifting!


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    1. I know, right Marci?! I can’t believe I didn’t get it, but just like the cute vintage painted stool that I had to leave behind this week-end, it will just have to live in my memory. Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Thrifting!

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