Party Like The Mad Men, Ladies!

<center>Party Like The Mad Men, Ladies!</center>

Yes, most of us vintage-loving people know tonight is a very special night:  it’s the premiere of Season 5 of Mad Men.  The show that has inspired new lines of clothing at Banana Republic and J.Crew, a resurging interest in vintage fashions and modern design, a nod to the cocktail and the three-martini lunch.  How cool would it have been to have lived and worked in New York in the early 1960’s?

Tonight, we are having our neighbors over to watch the show, so in honor of this special event, we are partying like it’s 1966. Here is our checklist for how to party like the Mad Men.

1.  Put on an apron.  Something pressed is always preferred. This one was thrifted from the Salvation Army in Alameda.

2.  Whip out your best tablecloth.   And here’s the special part – actually iron it.  Yes, that’s right.  Don’t just throw it in the dryer with something wet in the hopes that the wrinkles will fade and no one will notice.  Get out your iron and spend the half an hour pressing it to its perfect flatness, just like a good little housewife would have done.  Then, when you notice that not every single wrinkle has come out, fret a little about it.  This little number was thrifted from Thrift Town, San Leandro.

3.  Get out your fancy candlesticks.    Be sure to remove every single ounce of old wax from them first.  If you have any trouble, try soaking them in warm soapy water for around 10-15 minutes, then use a spoon to remove any stubborn old wax before drying them with a soft cloth.  These little numbers are from my Aunt Ann’s house in Pennsylvania.  My uncle Gene was the General Manager of the infamous Wm. Penn Hotel in Pittsburg in the ’50’s, so they received lots of lovely gifts from wealthy residents.  Yes, people used to live in hotels back in the day.  Just like in the movies.



4.  Set a Proper Table.   Get out your fancy china because even a casual dinner in the early ’60’s was an occasion to make your table sparkle.  These dishes were thrifted from Hospice Thrift in Walnut Creek.  I think they look nice with the Vera tablecloth.


Then, if you still have any energy after the 2.5 hours of prep work, make some canapes or appetizers.  Or, you can do like us and grab some munchies from Trader Joe’s because, well, let’s face it.  It’s just plain easier.  Maybe living in this era isn’t so bad, after all.  Betty’s lookin’ a little bit tired after all that work, don’t ya think?!

Go to for your complete Mad Men Party Guide!  And, have fun, because, as Betty Draper says, ‘Only boring people are bored!’


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