Thriftin', East Coast Style!

<center>Thriftin', East Coast Style!</center>

By Guest Blogger, Lauren Spangler

I’ve never thought of myself as much of a thrifter, but being the cousin of Thrifty Mimi, that thrifting gene is hard to ignore.  For years now, Luckett’s Spring Market, a flea market held each year in Lucketts, Virginia has always caught my eye.  Lucketts itself is a one stoplight kind of place – but it’s just up the road from Leesburg Virginia in Loudoun County – one of the fastest growing counties in the country.  The urban dweller in me has always hesitated to drive out to exurbia because of (gasp) traffic, but Thrift Store Junkies inspired me to make the 40 mile drive from D.C. to exurbia a few weeks ago.

Just two miles from the Potomac River, Leesburg is a great place, with a downtown filled with antique shops and quaint restaurants and for the sports lovers, an art gallery run by Redskin Chris Cooley. And it’s a place rich in history, from housing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution while the British burned Washington in the War of 1812 to serving as the site of a Civil War battle.

The 10-minute drive from Leesburg to Lucketts is like passing to another time though – once you make it past the outlet mall.  You drive past the Civil War Battlefield and farms, cows and vineyards (those vineyards are nothing like the West Coast’s, of course, but we’re trying).

The Old Luckett’s Store is a permanent fixture at the crossroads in this unincorporated town with a school, a volunteer fire department and little else.  But once a year for a weekend in May, the nearby fields turn into parking lots for the Spring Market.  Acres are filled with nearly 200 vendors selling everything under the sun, from Bavarian linens to bicycles to furniture.  This newbie thrifter was a little worried that much of the stuff would be refinished and refurbished and cost a fortune, but that wasn’t the case at all.  The Spring Market definitely has a good mix of vendors selling soaps and candles and refinished furniture, but the bulk of the vendors had stuff that would make any thrifter happy.  And bargaining is, of course, a given.  The big bargaining find of the day was an old desk that is in the midst of being transformed.



The best part about the Spring Market was that it almost felt like a huge thrifting party, and it helped that everything is outdoors and the weather was fantastic.  Kids were running around, thrifters brought their dogs to help them look for bargains, and they even had a whole concession section, with wood-fired oven pizza and snacks.  It almost makes you want to think about living in exurbia…but I think I’ll just settle for going back again next year.




Lauren Spangler, our fabulous guest blogger, is new to blogging, loves politics and books and enjoys sailing, traveling, and soccer.  She prides herself on the fact that she has only ever paid for two pieces of furniture  – everything else is a family hand-me-down, giveaway, or gift.  And, now she can add “thrifted” to that list, too, after refinishing a vintage desk that she found at Luckett’s Spring Market!

Luckett’s Store  
42350 Lucketts Road
Leesburg, VA 20176
(703) 779-0268
Open Daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
Luckett’s Spring Market is held each year in May




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    1. Hi Brenda: I’ve never really thrifted in Mexico, but I’ve certainly found lots of bargains and beautiful things there. Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Thrifting!

    1. Thanks, Sean. I love it when people stop by to comment. It can get lonely here in blog land. Thanks for your comment, and glad you found it inspiring. Happy Thrifting! Mimi

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