Nursery Decor That's Cute As A Button!

<center>Nursery Decor That's Cute As A Button!</center>
nursery decor
Just add your own family photos

Nursery decor has propelled me to post this.  Sorry I’ve been lagging about posting lately–I’ve kind of had my hands full with some other projects (more on that later). But, I managed to come up for air today to brag about Cousin Lauren’s adorable nursery decor ideas that she is using to decorate her baby boy’s nursery.  Lauren has taken re-purposed frames and vintage and new buttons to create a family photo wall, so I just had to share. Lauren found buttons from near and far and the family photos and other memorabilia are treasures from the ages.

There’s a long storied history to some of these frames and other items, having scored some of them from her Grandmother’s house in Pennsylvania and then painting them and adding decorative buttons around the frames. The way we have it figured –her Grandmother Mary –as well as some of our other relatives on my Mom’s side of the family is probably exactly where we both got our thrifting bug because we come from a long line of thrifty people. I have a feeling that it runs in our genes.  I remember going to Estate Sales with my Mom growing up, and while we didn’t visit thrift stores, she was a bargain hunter from day one.

If you are looking for inspiration on nursery decor, and you aren’t into the usual themes like animals and such, consider making a retrospective family photo wall using re-purposed frames trimmed in buttons (you choose the color) and fill them with beautiful family photos and memorabilia. You can even leave a couple of them blank, like Lauren did, and fill them in with your own baby’s photos upon arrival.

Cousin Lauren, you are a nursery decor genius! And, we can’t wait to meet our newest family member!

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