The Thriftr App Has Arrived

<center>The Thriftr App Has Arrived</center>

The Thriftr App has arrived.  A very creative, interdisciplinary team of business and design students enrolled in a course at Stanford’s Design School (aka the D School) have developed a new App called “Thriftr” which helps thrifters enhance their hunt for treasures at local thrift stores.  Their concept is about having more eyes in more places.

thriftr app
The Thriftr App Has Arrived

The Thrifter App allows you to post and tag the location of great finds so that other thrift shoppers can find them.  It also allows posters to browse the stream themselves and find items that they hadn’t gotten a chance to go check out in person.  Eventually, they’d like this to become a mobile app but they are still in the design process.  In the meantime, they’re kicking off the hashtag #thriftr on instagram.  People can post and search the hashtag to find the newest, coolest items selected by other thrifters in their area.

dschool chalkboard photo

stanford d school photo

You can be part of the #thriftr revolution.  Just post your finds using the hashtag #thriftr on instragram.  You can also pass along any input, comments or random thoughts you have about their idea here, and it will be forwarded along to them.  Your #thrifter input is greatly appreciated!

Thriftr Flyers (1)


Their street address (and the best address for online mapping tools, including google maps):

D School

Thomas F. Peterson Engineering Laboratory/Building 550
550 Panama Mall
Stanford, CA 94305

Telephone: (650) 736-1025
Fax: (650) 736-1526

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