Improve Beach Day With These Home Projects That Will Be Awesome All Summer Long!

<center>Improve Beach Day With These Home Projects That Will Be Awesome All Summer Long!</center>

Looking for great DIY ideas that will improve your days at the beach all Summer long?

When it’s time to start hitting the beach on the reg, you have to make sure you have all the supplies ready to go for a long summer. We’re not just talking about the right beach wear and beach bod, or a cooler for drinks, but you need the accessories for the fun of a long day, and season, on the beach.  Part of the fun of the prepping for your beach time is doing some projects on your own that can help make the beach season the best.  You may think you should just go to the store and buy these things, but crafty folks will want to do some of these projects themselves.  Here are some ideas.


Improve Beach Day
DIYOutlet Paddle Ball

Paddle Ball.  You can buy paddle ball for relatively cheap from stores, but that’s boring.  Also those paddles will be generic and flimsy.  You can have fun by making paddles out of other materials that are more durable or just off the beaten path.  You can use a nice wood and then pad the handle with rubber bands, or you can make them out of hard industrial plastic.  Then you decorate the paddles with whatever stickers or paint you want to use.  The ball itself can be made out of rubber bands, too, or anything else bouncy that will float in the water, should you accidentally hit it into the waves (and you will).

Improve Beach Day
DIYOutlet Beach Bag

Beach bag.  Similarly, a great crafty project is making your own beach bag.  At the store, bags are often too flimsy, or they’re too small or even too big.  You can make your own bag out of burlap and a sewing machine.  You can even get metal grommets and the grommet machine at a place like The DIY Outlet and make that bag really professional looking.  The grommets will allow you to twine or rope the bag shut, so you can seal it up and keep the seagulls out and the snacks in.  A beach bag is important for proper beach enjoyment, and it’ll be a blast to make your own beach bag.


Improve Beach Day
DIYOutlet Music Blaster


Music blaster.  Anyone can get a battery powered iPod amplifier, but you can use old fashioned physics and sound manipulation to make an amplification system for your iPod for the beach.  It’ll not only last forever because it doesn’t require batteries, but it’ll look really cool on your beach towel.  Think of the old phonograph cone amplifiers – all they are doing is expanding and amplifying the sound by taking a small opening and spreading out, via the cone shape, to a larger output.  It’s amazing that it works, but it does, and you can make up a contraption that your iPod rests in and then you’ve got your summer tunes blasting all summer long.  What a great way to enjoy the beach.

There are always more and more options of fun home crafts you can do to better your life, but with the beach season coming up, it’s time to focus on making sure that your time on the beach is of the most comfort and relaxation, and what better way to do that than to make some things yourself.

So, improve beach day with even more great ideas on how to make Summer even more fun, visit

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