E-Waste Not Want Not

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My new motto is E-waste not want not.  Last Saturday I was dreading the errand of driving to the free E-Waste Disposal and Recycling Center in Hayward.  Having never been there, I had no idea what to expect and after the trek to Hayward and thinking that I was almost getting on the San Mateo Bridge and was going the wrong way, I found Electronic Waste Management’s facility in an industrial park not far from Highway 92.

E-waste not want not
Free Recycling Drop Off in the East Bay

After showing them my driver’s license and filling out a short form identifying what it was exactly that I was dropping off, I was lead to the rear of the building where I could drop off my old laptop that was broken, various and sundry obsolete cell phones, a couple of broken down air filters and an old CPU harking back to the turn of the 21st Century.

What I found to my great, elated surprise, was that not only was this a FREE drop-off facility for e-waste, but it also happened to sell refurbished office furniture, refurbished computer equipment, retail seconds, commercial kitchen equipment and other tasty morsels.  They even had a beach cruiser for sale!

E-waste not want not
What a nice surprise!

I got a tour of the grounds by Beanz Garcia, a very nice gentleman who gave me the brief history of how this place got started.  As the story goes, the owner noticed a lot of cubicles and office equipment being thrown out by a major financial institution that he used to work for.  After taking it upon himself to prevent some of it from going into the waste stream, he realized that he may be on to something and began selling used office equipment almost as soon as he received it.  His business, ACQ – Acquisitions Office then began offering new and pre-owned office furniture and cubicles and even began providing space planning services for his customers. Eventually, he began expanding into the burgeoning area of electronic waste.

So, the next time you’re in the mood for a treasure hunt, consider checking out the goods at Electronic Waste Management and their sister company ACQuisitions Office.  You never know just what you may find and you’ll be helping keep perfectly good items out of the waste stream by recycling.  Perhaps your new motto will also be: E-waste not, want not.

E-Waste not want not in Hayward
Free E-Waste Disposal Site in Hayward
E-waste not want not
If you’re looking for commercial kitchen equipment, this place is great!
Restaurant Quality Items Abound Here
Restaurant Quality Items Abound Here
Acres of Office Chairs at ACQuisitions Office
Acres of Office Chairs at ACQuisitions Office


How did I not know about this place before?!
How did I not know about this place before?!

Electronic Waste Management/ACQuisitions Office

26545 Corporate Avenue

Hayward, CA 94545

(866) 335-3373

(510) 351-7511

Let me know if you’ve been to the Electronic Waste Management facility or if you have any questions about it.  I’m happy to share…

Happy Thrifting,


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