My Latest Thrifting Dilemma

<center>My Latest Thrifting Dilemma</center>

My latest thrifting dilemma happened when I was in Palm Springs.  At the Angel View Thrift Store. In the thrifting zone. And what should appear before my very eyes? Something I certainly hadn’t ever been looking for.  A pair of Egyptian sphynx garden ornaments.  They were made of solid concrete and there were two of them!  And, they were only $124.99.  Where on earth are you going to find such a thing, but in Palm Springs – the epicenter of all things chic and vintage, and Egyptian apparently.  I was intrigued.  So, I sauntered over to the friendly staff person and starting asking questions, like “How much do you think those sphynxes weigh?”  At first, he guestimated that the tops, alone, weighed around 50 pounds.  In actuality, each entire sphynx probably weighed well over several hundred pounds. But then, a nice young man happened by who delivers fountains for a living (0nly in Palm Springs, right?).  He said it would take at least 4 guys to be able to lift the behemoths into a truck.  And, he didn’t recommend that I try to take them home with me in my car (which I was foolishly considering for several minutes).  Think traffic accident waiting to happen, i.e., blown tire, etc.  For sure, this was a full-blown thrifting dilemma.  Not to mention all the extra gas it would take to get home lugging these things with me – that last part I learned from the nice fountain deliverer.

My latest thrifting dilemma
The Sphynx Garden Ornament Dilemma

This is what happens to you when you go thrifting sometimes. You have a thrifting dilemma.  You see something that really draws you in.  It’s a surprise.  Your imagination kicks into high gear and you can envision your possible purchase in its proper place in the future – like strategically placed on either side of your front door at your Palm Springs pied a terre.  Sort of like meeting a guy for the first time and fantasizing about marrying him someday.  So, you start scrambling. Yes, it’s completely impractical.  But, if you were a practical person, you probably wouldn’t be thrifting, anyway.  You’d be at Target or you’d have made a quick dash into a retail store to buy something.  Thrifting requires imagination and artistry.  It demands an open mind.  No, you’d never before thought about having sphynx garden ornaments, but suddenly, it makes perfect sense.  Your friends would “ooh” and “aahh” over your brilliant design choice.  It would be a conversation starter – a guest greeter at your place in Palm Spri….{record scratch} Oh, yeah.  You don’t have a place in Palm Springs.  But, ever since you were a little girl and your mom and her best friend and you and your best friend drove out to the desert to ‘look at real estate’ you’ve dreamed of one day having a place there.  So, maybe one day you might have a place there?

And, then reality sets in.  You actually don’t have a place there.   And, they probably wouldn’t look as cute at your vintage 1940’s cottage in the Bay Area than they would at some fabulous mid-century modern hang out in the desert.  But, I’ll betcha one day, when you do have a place there, you will look back and think, “Damn it! I should have bought those cool sphynx garden ornaments!”

So, that’s my thrifting dilemma for the week.  Hope you’re out there using your imagination, finding some unique objects you weren’t even looking for, and having some fun at your local thrift store.  You never know what you might find.

Happy Thrifting!

xo Mimi

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