Happy New Year, Dear Thrifters!

Happy New Year, Dear Thrifters!

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad to see 2015 go bye-bye, and I have very good feelings about 2016.  One of the things I’ve noticed having visited several thrift stores (5 actually) over the past few weeks is that there is not a whole lot of donated stuff out in the stores quite yet.  I have a feeling that the usual year-end donations at thrift stores around the country have not been processed and put out on the shelves yet.  This poses a serious thrifting dilemma, but is also a blessing in disguise.

I read somewhere recently that retail sales were down over the 2015 holiday season and that some of it can be attributed to the book I mentioned in a previous post, “The Magic and Life-Changing Art of Tidying” by Marie Kondo.  You can read my post about the Marie Kondo Method.  It has really created a phenomenon where people seem to be buying less “stuff” and I think that is a very good thing.  But, this also poses a problem for those of us who like to go thrifting because that is where you find the “good stuff.”

Here’s a snapshot of my “tidy-ed” sock drawer using the KonMari Method.  It really is so much neater and easier to find things now.  So, here’s to Marie and here’s to a year of continuing to let go of what no longer serves us and bringing in all good things!

tidying clutter
Socks should be folded not rolled into potato balls

I am wishing you all a very happy, healthy and peaceful New Year!  And, here’s to a little less stuff!

Happy Thrifting (Maybe),


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