Happy, Thrifty New Year!

<center>Happy, Thrifty New Year!</center>
happy thrifty new year
Happy Thrifty New Year!

Happy, Thrifty New Year, Everyone!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Healthy, Thrifty, and Happy New Year and share (OK, brag about) my favorite New Year’s decorations this year.  First, I took some very inexpensive white place mats (actually they were from IKEA for $1.49 each) and decorated them with Elmer’s glue and silver glitter to give the edges a little sparkle.  Next, I stumbled upon a bunch of glass mason jars at one of my favorite thrift stores – Thrift Town for a mere 29 cents each! What a deal! I plopped in some vanilla-scented IKEA tea light candles and then placed them strategically all around the house to cast a lovely candlelit ambiance for the evening.  What a great way to save energy, too, by using less electricity!  The mason jars made great candle holders, and an unintended bonus was that they ended up being very pet and kid friendly since the flame is not exposed.  They really did a great job of giving the entire house a fun, casual country feel.  It was a lucky day at Thrift Town because then I found a stash of sparkly New Year’s Eve tiaras and metallic star garlands and I’m telling you the truth when I say that they were all thrifted and nothing was over 50 cents!  I love Thrift Town!

New Year’s Eve can sometimes be a bit of a let down – there are such high expectations and I’ve found over the years that spending a bunch of money going out for the evening never seems to live up to the hype.  Really, the best New Year’s Eves have been the ones where we’ve stayed in with friends, enjoyed a meal or some noshes, a glass of lovely bubbly and then watched the ball drop on TV.  Plus, it’s a lot more cozy and warm.

Wishing you and yours a very thrifty 2018!



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