A Tisket, A Tasket, Thrift Your Easter Basket

<center>A Tisket, A Tasket, Thrift Your Easter Basket</center>
Thrift Your Easter Basket
Thrift Your Easter Basket

A-tisket a-tasket

A green and yellow basket…

Did you know that we Americans spend close to two billion dollars on Easter each year?  And, why should we, when we can find amazing Easter goodies at our local thrift store? Maybe we should consider thrifting our Easter baskets, instead? Or, look for a beautiful deviled egg dish and fill it with your favorite deviled egg recipe to take as a hostess gift.  Tell the hostess, she gets to keep the dish!

Follow these 5 easy steps to creating a truly unique (and affordable) Easter basket from your local thrift store.

Step 1:  Find a colorful basket

Look for gently-used, interesting Easter baskets that will be not only good for your budget, but better for the environment.  You will likely find an assortment of different baskets at your thrift store if you try to thrift your Easter basket.  I found a perfectly fine basket for under one dollar.

Step 2:  Find A Pretty Linen to Cover the Basket

You can still add the plastic green grass, if you like, but consider finding a unique and colorful hand towel or napkin in the linen section.  You’ll want to wash it first, of course, and then place it in the bottom of the basket.  I found a beautiful, hand-embroidered vintage table runner for $2.99.

Step 3: Find An Interesting Knic Knac or Two

Have a look around your local thrift store and you’re likely to find something fun and kitschy that would make a nice addition to your Easter basket creation.  I found a vintage cow that was once part of a kitchen timer.  I bought it because it had the cutest little face and it needed a new home.  It was under one dollar, and I think it adds a little vintage whimsy to the basket.

Step 4: Add a Book

There are literally hundreds of books to choose from at your local thrift store – many of them in near-new condition that you could grab to round out your Easter basket.  I found a colorful book about Easter that I think adds a lot of flair and rounds out the basket nicely.  You really can thrift your entire Easter basket. It was 50 cents!

Step 5:  Just Add Jelly Beans

Now all you need to complete your hand-made treasure is some jelly beans and a chocolate bunny or two.  And, Voila! You’ve got a lovely, unique Easter basket to regale your loved ones with.  It’s not going to look like the Easter baskets at the grocery store because it will interesting items that you picked out yourself.  Just use your imagination and don’t be afraid to think a little bit outside of the box (or basket).  So, why pay retail this Easter?  Just head over to your local thrift store and thrift your Easter basket!  You can probably put it all together for under $10 (including candy).  That, you will still have to buy retail!




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