Mannequin Madness Is Magnificent!

<center> Mannequin Madness Is Magnificent! </center>

I have a newfound respect for recycled body parts ~ at least, the ones you find on mannequins at Mannequin Madness in Oakland. This fascinating enterprise – run by sensational owner Judi – sells and restores all kinds of interesting mannequins and mannequin paraphernalia out of their beautiful brick warehouse. And, they have a fun time doing so.  

They even have an in-house artist who transforms mannequins into anything you can imagine.  Lamps. Store fixtures. Art pieces. Seasonal decorations. You name it, they’ve done it.  And I love that they save these life like pieces from ending up in the waste stream and give them a new life.

Have an on-line business and need a dress form? Head over there and check out their stock.  These amazing women will inspire you and show you what a great business they have.  And, you’ll have fun doing it!  Plus, be sure to check out their DIY workshops that turn mannequin parts into art pieces and create fabulous headpieces with their fabulously fun in-house artist Taramae!

Mannequin Madness

1031 Cotton Street

Oakland, CA 94606

(510) 444-0650




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