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Cheap or Clever |thrift store junkies

You decide: Am I cheap or clever? I guess you could say I’m cheap, but I prefer to think of myself as clever.  After all, is it really all that smart to pay more for something than you really have to?  Um. no.  Case in point: we needed to find two replacement exterior light fixtures. […]

The Thrill of Rehab

The thrill of rehab can be particularly fetching.  Why? Some of you may know by now that when I use the word “rehab” I do not mean a twenty-one day stint at Passages in Malibu, but rather the time-consuming, gut wrenching, nail-splitting {but often exhilarating} process of taking a previously run-down, neglected sorry old building and […]

Sticking to My New Year’s Resolution

I’m sticking to my New Year’s resolution by attempting to open up more about myself on my blog.  Yes, I’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking.  This very public opening is completely counter-intuitive because I am probably one of the most private people you’d ever wanna meet, so this is going to be a tad […]

Salvage Yards Around the Bay Area

So, a lot of you enjoy hitting the salvage yards around the Bay Area, I’ve noticed.  How do I know this? I’ve been watching the most popular searches, according to my Word Press stats and it tells me that many of you are interested in my on-going, comprehensive listing of salvage yards.  Probably the loveliest […]

Hay House

Hay House - Healing ourselves and planet earth