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Getting to Know Martha

Who knew that Martha Stewart actually goes to garage sales? Well, it’s true.  During a meet and greet recently, someone in the crowd belted out, “Martha, where did you get your fabulous necklace?”  Martha placed her hand on her neck, as if to remember which necklace she was wearing, smiled, and said, “Oh this?  I […]

My Latest Thrifting Dilemma

My latest thrifting dilemma happened when I was in Palm Springs.  At the Angel View Thrift Store. In the thrifting zone. And what should appear before my very eyes? Something I certainly hadn’t ever been looking for.  A pair of Egyptian sphynx garden ornaments.  They were made of solid concrete and there were two of them! […]

Nursery Decor That’s Cute As A Button!

Nursery decor has propelled me to post this.  Sorry I’ve been lagging about posting lately–I’ve kind of had my hands full with some other projects (more on that later). But, I managed to come up for air today to brag about Cousin Lauren’s adorable nursery decor ideas that she is using to decorate her baby […]

Happy, Thrifty New Year!

Happy, Thrifty New Year, Everyone! I just wanted to wish everyone a Healthy, Thrifty, and Happy New Year and share (OK, brag about) my favorite New Year’s decorations this year.  First, I took some very inexpensive white place mats (actually they were from IKEA for $1.49 each) and decorated them with Elmer’s glue and silver glitter […]

Let’s Talk Turkey Day

OK, let’s talk turkey day.  With the Thanksgiving holiday rapidly approaching, I know many of you are trying to figure out a nice, inexpensive way to make your holiday table sparkle.  Well, I have just the answer!  Head to your local thrift store!  If you need more dishes for those unexpected guests, mix and match […]

Nate Berkus Show Promotes Flea Market Decor

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