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Getting to Know Martha

Who knew that Martha Stewart actually goes to garage sales? Well, it’s true.  During a meet and greet recently, someone in the crowd belted out, “Martha, where did you get your fabulous necklace?”  Martha placed her hand on her neck, as if to remember which necklace she was wearing, smiled, and said, “Oh this?  I […]

Why I Love A City-Wide Garage Sale

Why I love a city-wide garage sale is because as most Northern California folks know, the weather’s been mighty dreary these last few weeks.  There has been one bright spot, however — the City-Wide Garage Sale in San Leandro!   Last week-end, our little troupe of bargain hunters hit the streets before most people were […]

Hark! From the Half Moon Bay City-Wide Garage Sale!

Hark! From the Half Moon Bay City-Wide Garage Sale.  Half Moon Bay isn’t just a town filled with over-sized pumpkins, great beaches and quaint little stores.  It’s also a place where every year during the last week-end in September, hundreds of homes open wide their garage doors for their annual City-Wide Garage Sale!  This year, […]

City-Wide Garage Sales Are Upon Us!

Looks like city-wide garage sales are upon us.  One great way to enjoy this gorgeous weather is to venture out to your friendly, neighborhood garage sales.  My personal favorite is the city-wide garage sale circuit, and it just so happens that the city of Albany, right next to Berkeley, is having their annual City-Wide Garage […]

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