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Green Living

By Kathleen F. Miller Green living is something that we can all probably be a little better at.  If you want to be kinder to the planet and save some money at the same time, here are 20 ways to go green in 2013. Buy fresh, local food at East Bay farmers markets. Some are closed […]

Organic Skincare Products That Care

What do organic skincare products that care have to do with thrift stores?  Well, nothing really.  But, you know that friend you have that continues to inspire you and make you feel blessed to know them?  Well, that’s my friend, Kimberly Luker.  And in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I have decided to post […]

Ta Da Dump Ta Da Dump Ta Da Dump Dump Dump

Yes, I know it sounds strange, but a visit to the SF dump can actually be – inspiring.  That’s because the company managing the City’s waste stream, Recology, is a progressive, company-owned organization that sponsors artists and that leads public tours of the facility that will leave you wanting more.  Sure, it can be a […]

Edible Schoolyard

We hit the Edible Schoolyard’s Mother’s Day fundraiser this week-end and much to our delight discovered not only a Mother’s Day present for my wonderful mother-in-law, but a field of organic dreams.   There were green, leafy veggies, stalks of corn and a summer salad full of fruits and veggies growing in the soil.  Because this […]

Got the HicCups?

Did you know that Americans use 2,500,000 plastic bottles every hour?! And, the worst part is that most of them are just thrown away – and not recycled. Then, there are the styrofoam coffee cups: Americans throw away 25,000,000 of those every year! Well, one local company with a creative founder/inventor has come up with […]

Green and Pretty Thrifty

The air was abuzz with all things earthy and green, as the 10th Annual Green Fest got rolling this week-end at the San Francisco Concourse.  Messenger bags made from recycled car tires?  Check.  Or, how about jewelry made from decommissioned, non-radioactive nuclear systems?  Yes, this and much more could be purchased at this year’s Green […]

Hay House

Hay House - Healing ourselves and planet earth