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A Lovely Day at Camp del Corazon

Where can kids with heart disease go kayaking, climb a rock wall and learn archery?  Well, they can do all of this and more at Camp del Corazon on Catalina Island.  My dear friend Matilda (not her real name) has been a volunteer with Camp del Corazon for 19 years, and this year I was […]

Back To School Bargains That Save The World

How can we save the world by buying back to school bargains? As I watch my neighbor’s kids pack up the car and head off to our fine institutions of higher learning like Stanford and Willamette, I can’t help but wonder just how much money is being spent at this time of the year on […]

Birds of a Feather Flock Together {or do they?}

Well, as it turns out, not all birds act alike or do the same things, after all. Different birds have different bird communication, colors, nesting habits and other things that set them apart. Recently, we took one of our favorite munchkins to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek. I had no idea what we […]

The Pumpkin Patch That Gives Back

This one’s from the archives in honor of Halloween….Every Autumn we pack up the car, collect our favorite little goblins (happily borrowed for the day) and head out on Highway 80 until we reach the Western Railway Museum off Highway 12 between Fairfield and Rio Vista.  This non-profit is dedicated to preserving electric train history, […]

A Beautiful Day at Mountain Play

In 1913, a group of thespians and their supporters started producing plays high atop Mount Tamalpais in Marin County with their first performance Abraham and Isaac. Little did they know that nearly 100 years later, groups of people would still be carting their wicker baskets filled with gourmet lunches and their favorite beverages to the […]

Notes & Words

If you don’t have plans tomorrow, and you are in the Bay Area, consider the Notes & Words 2011 literary musical fundraising event at Oakland’s renovated Fox Theater: http://notesandwords.org/event/ This event will bring together New York Times bestselling authors and KFOG musicians on stage for a benefit for Children’s Hospital and Research Center of Oakland. […]

Hay House

Hay House - Healing ourselves and planet earth