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A Cold Day for Tea and Anime

Ohayou!  It was a cold day for tea and anime.  In honor of my sister-in-law, Lori’s birthday, we braved the trifecta of traffic snarls (A’s Game, Giant’s Game, Folsom Street Fair) to enjoy afternoon tea at the new Crown & Crumpet location in Japantown.  It was a dizzying swirl of activity, but I was happy […]

Ta Da Dump Ta Da Dump Ta Da Dump Dump Dump

Yes, I know it sounds strange, but a visit to the SF dump can actually be – inspiring.  That’s because the company managing the City’s waste stream, Recology, is a progressive, company-owned organization that sponsors artists and that leads public tours of the facility that will leave you wanting more.  Sure, it can be a […]

A Chilly Saturday Morning at West Coast Live

For those of you who don’t already know about it – West Coast Live is a wonderfully- entertaining live radio show that broadcasts from different venues around the Bay Area.  The show’s host, Sedge Thompson sports red bowling shoes as he interviews authors, artists, musicians and other interesting people in the news.  There are audience […]

From Trash {Literally} to Treasures

I wore my grubbiest thrift store boots to attend the Art at the Dump exhibit sponsored by Recology yesterday thinking I’d be dodging old beer cans and sludge, only to find out that it was not being held literally at the dump, but in an art studio adjacent to it.  They were even serving wine.  […]

Is Thrifting a Form of Voyeurism?

Having just seen the photography exhibit at the SFMOMA titled “EXPOSED:  Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera since 1870,” I have been pondering the question Is Thrifting a Form of Voyeurism?  http://www.sfmoma.org/exhibitions/408 Observing and sifting through the remnants of other people’s lives and their stuff, I am thinking that perhaps thrifting is a subtle form of voyeurism.  Not […]

Hay House

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