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The Search for an Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ah yes.  The annual search for an ugly Christmas Sweater.  I’m bringing this one back from the archives in honor of the holidays. Enjoy! So, the hubby’s punk rock band, So What decides they are wearing ugly Christmas sweaters for their holiday show.  No problem, I think, as I begin formulating a list of thrift […]

Have Yourself A Thrifty Little Christmas!

Have yourself a thrifty little Christmas this year. While it’s true that this can be an expensive time of the year, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be.  Why?  You can find fabulous Christmas gifts at your local thrift store.  All it takes is a little imagination, some vision and a […]

True Confessions from Clars Auction Gallery

True confessions.  As if I really needed one, I now have a new obsession: the monthly auctions of fine art, jewelry and home furnishings at Clars Auction Gallery in Oakland.  I suppose I have my friend Lisa Kramer of Lisa Kramer Vintage to thank for this, but I have no one to blame but myself. […]

Thrift Trip: Montana thrift stores

It’s no lie that Montana is considered ‘Big Sky’ country.  There’s a lot of big, beautiful blue and sometimes moody sky in those parts. And, as it turns out, there’s also a lot of thrifting in the great Montana thrift stores.  Recently, my friend Liz and I flew into Bozeman, rented a car via Priceline […]

Antiquing in Florida: Thrift Shops of Palm Beach County

A Guest Blog Post  by Lisa Kramer of Lisa Kramer Vintage Antiquing in Florida can be a treasure trove.  Palm Beach County is thick with thrift shops, some of which are pretty grungy and others that are as elegant as a high-end boutique. On a recent buying trip I visited many of them and found […]

Thrift Trip: Nevada City

Here we go on a Thrift Trip: Nevada City.  There’s gold in them thar thrifts, I’ve discovered!  Our recent adventures took us to the sweet little town of Nevada City, California. Fortunately we have a great excuse to go thrifting in this neck o’ the woods, as we have relatives in the area. So, -a-thrifting-we-a-went! […]

Oakland’s Newest Thrift Store in Temescal

Oakland’s newest thrift store is actually one of it’s oldest and most popular.  Those of you who have thrifted in Oakland will fondly remember the Clausen House on Telegraph Avenue.  I’ve found many wonderful things at that store over the years.  Vintage clothing, funky furniture, cherished dishware.  And many a gift for a friend. It […]

The Thrill of Rehab

The thrill of rehab can be particularly fetching.  Why? Some of you may know by now that when I use the word “rehab” I do not mean a twenty-one day stint at Passages in Malibu, but rather the time-consuming, gut wrenching, nail-splitting {but often exhilarating} process of taking a previously run-down, neglected sorry old building and […]

Reflections on 2013

Hello there Loyal Reader: As I allow myself some reflections on 2013, I realize that this past year has been a tad frustrating here in blog land.  After my site was hacked (don’t worry, its not contagious and that problem has been fixed), I found that after updating some of my WordPress plugins, that I […]

An Apple Hill Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Oh, sweet Apple Hill.  On a beautiful, crisp Fall Saturday, my sister-in-law Lori and I braved the traffic clogging the tiny streets of Placerville and points due East in order to make our way to the land of all-things-apple.   Apple Hill, one of Northern California’s apple-growing regions will take you into our agricultural past, […]

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