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Find Halloween costume ideas at your local thrift store!

Finding a Halloween costume isn’t that scary!  You’ll find lots of Halloween costume ideas at your local thrift store, so just go thrifting! Your local thrift store has so many gently-used Halloween costumes that it’s really too bad more people don’t head out to a thrift store at this time of the year before spending […]

Thrifting in New Mexico, Part One: Burque

We’re thrifting in New Mexico.  I’ve long been a fan of the Land of Enchantment.  There’s something about this State: it’s beautiful, sacred mountains, the uniqueness of it’s architecture, it’s rich history, and yes – it’s blue corn tamales.   Greg and I have been thrifting (and eating) our way around New Mexico, so I […]

Thrift Trip: Cloverdale {Part One}

Cloverdale is the kind of place where you go away for the week-end and feel like you’ve been gone for a week.  That’s exactly how I feel coming back from our thrift trip to Cloverdale this past week-end.  With our Groupon voucher in hand, we headed up 101 to the town once voted “The Coolest” […]

$3 Painting from Goodwill Store Sells For $190,000

I love this story!  Just goes to show you – it pays to shop at thrift stores! By Christie Dedman — The Birmingham News  ANDERSON, S.C. — An 81-year-old Anderson County man doesn’t mind sharing his amazing tale, but he doesn’t want to share his last name. The man, who’s going by only “Leroy,” said, “It’s the […]

The Cutest Thing I Saw Today While Thrifting

I’m learning (the hard way) that I don’t have to buy everything I see that I love when I’m thrifting.  This is something that has taken years of practice, mind you, but today was especially challenging when I laid my eyes upon the cutest vintage ceramic piggy planter at Thrift Town in the Mission.  Do […]

Black Friday deals online a myth?

Are there really great Black Friday deals online? Word is that the average American will spend $704 shopping on Black Friday.  Doesn’t that seem a bit excessive to you?  Well, if you’re like me and you cringe at the thought of spending that much during the holidays, much less on one shopping day a year, […]

Spooky Deals on Halloween Costumes & Vintage Clothing

Sure, you can pay full price to buy a new Halloween outfit for your favorite goblin, but why would you?  Now is one of the best times of the year to hit up your local thrift store.  Racks and racks of gently used Halloween costumes are now on sale at a thrift store near you.  On a […]

A Thrifting Vacation {Or a Vacation from Thrifting}

Having just returned from a two week jaunt to DC and then NY, I have to admit that I am probably more surprised than anyone but as it turns out, it was a thrifting vacation.  I mean it was actually a vacation from thrifting.  I suppose that makes some sense when I stop and think about it, having […]

Is Thrifting a Form of Voyeurism?

Having just seen the photography exhibit at the SFMOMA titled “EXPOSED:  Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera since 1870,” I have been pondering the question Is Thrifting a Form of Voyeurism?  http://www.sfmoma.org/exhibitions/408 Observing and sifting through the remnants of other people’s lives and their stuff, I am thinking that perhaps thrifting is a subtle form of voyeurism.  Not […]

Thrifting, A Children’s Play and Artichoke Soup

So, as it turns out, we have a very talented playwright in our very own neighborhood.  Her name is Tracy and she just wrote a children’s play which the hubby and I were honored to participate in recently.  About 30-40 of our neighbors and their children sauntered over to our community center and watched us all […]

Hay House

Hay House - Healing ourselves and planet earth