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Delta Road Trip

Last week-end, my friend Liz and I went on a Delta road trip. This was our loose itinerary: 11 a.m. Ride the Scenic Limited through the wildflowers at the Western Railway Museum. Next, drive to Rio Vista and find an acceptable lunch spot. The rest of the afternoon, explore the hauntingly interesting Delta towns of […]

Modernism Week Palm Springs

Modernism Week Palm Springs still has me buzzed from all its mid-century modern fabulousness.   Now, I’m seeing mid-century modern design everywhere I go and have a new-found appreciation for clerestory windows.  I’ve loved Palm Springs ever since I was a little girl and my Mom and I and our best friends would drive out to the […]

Thrift Trip: Nevada City

Here we go on a Thrift Trip: Nevada City.  There’s gold in them thar thrifts, I’ve discovered!  Our recent adventures took us to the sweet little town of Nevada City, California. Fortunately we have a great excuse to go thrifting in this neck o’ the woods, as we have relatives in the area. So, -a-thrifting-we-a-went! […]

An Apple Hill Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Oh, sweet Apple Hill.  On a beautiful, crisp Fall Saturday, my sister-in-law Lori and I braved the traffic clogging the tiny streets of Placerville and points due East in order to make our way to the land of all-things-apple.   Apple Hill, one of Northern California’s apple-growing regions will take you into our agricultural past, […]

Thrift Trip: Cape Ann

What do witches, lobsters and thrift stores all have in common?  They’re all found north of Boston on a thrift trip to the northeast thrift stores of the lovely Cape Ann area. Having only been to Boston on a prior trip to New England, I was really excited to visit Salem (aka Witch City) and […]


When I want to get away for a little R & R, the first place that comes to mind is Calistoga in the Napa Valley.  Recently, I had some friends in town from So Cal and the three of us spent a lovely week-end up there.  I thought I’d share my money-saving tips for how […]

Thrift Trip: Cloverdale {Part One}

Cloverdale is the kind of place where you go away for the week-end and feel like you’ve been gone for a week.  That’s exactly how I feel coming back from our thrift trip to Cloverdale this past week-end.  With our Groupon voucher in hand, we headed up 101 to the town once voted “The Coolest” […]

Champagne Get-Aways on a Beer Budget

While it’s true that I love thrift stores and all things thrifty, I am not into junk.  In fact, I will admit, I do have a penchant for the finer things in life, including travel.   For travel to be pleasant to me, some things high on my list include high thread count on hotel sheets, good food […]

Hay House

Hay House - Healing ourselves and planet earth