The Cellar Thrift Shop

I am now going to tell you about one of my favorite thrift stores which happens to be in Berkeley.   Tucked into a basement room of the First Congregational Church is The Cellar Thrift Shop.  This charming little gem really feels like it’s in a cellar, since it’s down a flight of stairs near the corner of Channing Way and Dana Street, but inside you can find inexpensive, hidden treasures.  The hours are a bit sporadic since it’s all volunteer run, but it’s worth putting this one on your list. 

The Cellar Thrift Shop
2345 Channing Way (at Dana) 
Berkeley, CA  94708
(510) 644-3262
Hours:  Wednesdays 10 to 4, Saturdays 10 to 2, Sundays before and after prayer

Proceeds go to in-church projects for the First Congregational Church of Berkeley, as well as community outreach projects for those in need. 


  1. Hi,

    You’ve put together an amazing site and it is an amazing bit of help. Just wanting to let you know, I forgot how recently, but part of the church and the building the cellar thrift shop was housed in burned down. The church is in the process of rebuilding and hopefully this one comes back.

    1. What a bummer, Zach. I had no idea. Thank you so much for telling me and my readers about this. I’ll update that listing!

      Happy thrifting,

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