Goodwill Fruitvale District

This building houses the administrative offices of the East Bay Goodwill, as well as a large thrift store.  I once had the good fortune of taking a tour of this facility because I was writing a magazine article about thrifting. The Goodwill has an active job training and development program that is truly a gift to the community.  And  it’s a great place for those just getting back on their feet to get help with a resume or job placement.  It’s truly amazing how well-organized things are behind the scenes here and how every last thing, down to the tiniest piece of donated fabric, gets recycled and reused.

The adjacent thrift store is a good size, with large furniture pieces, housewares and clothing.  This is a good place to find framed artwork along with men’s dress shirts and interview suits.   It’s also got a great housewares section where I’ve seen lots of vintage glasses and dishware.  The day I visited, there were red hearts everywhere in the store in honor of Valentine’s Day.  And, of course, you can always find the  usual Target overstock.

2925 International Blvd (E. 14th)
Oakland, CA 94620

(510) 534-3037

Hours: Monday to Saturday 9  to 8, Sunday 11 to 6.  Donations are accepted at all Goodwill Store locations.  Read more about their donation guidelines.

Proceeds go to those with workplace disadvantages and disabilities through job training, placement and employment.

Find out more about how Goodwill helps people struggling in our society, like Kelle Wright, get back on their feet.  Great work, Goodwill!
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