Salvation Army

Right in Chinatown is this huge, lumbering old Salvation Army store.  You’ll find a super big assortment of large furniture pieces, used appliances and TVs, and a ton of clothing and shoes.  Not much in the way of houseware, linens or books, really, but check out their Sally A’s section where they keep the good stuff.  Last time I was there everything was 50% off.  You can usually find some interesting stuff here.

Salvation Army
601 Webster Street (betw. 6th & 7th)
Oakland, CA 94607

(510) 836-8971

Hours:  Monday to Saturday, 9 to 6

Proceeds go to drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs & job training, plus direct clothing donations to the homeless.  Founded in 1887 when William Booth found homeless men & women living on a bridge in London and vowed to improve their lives.

Here is a link to some Yelp reviews:



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