St. Vincent de Paul

This is actually a St. Vinnie’s Outlet thrift store, so it is in a giant warehouse and is even more bare bones than your typical thrift, but that also means that the prices are lower.  Inside you’ll find tons of housewares, larger furniture pieces and some clothing.  it’s pretty much where the unwanted items from the regular thrift store end up, so you never know what you’re going to stumble upon.  I have actually seen some pretty cute vintage items here, though, I must say.  And, the added bonus of shopping here is that if you walk towards the exit, it takes you right into the Habitat for Humanity shop next door  containing all sorts of salvaged building materials and what not.

St. Vincent de Paul
9235 San Leandro Street
Oakland, CA 94603

(510) 877-9201

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10 to 5:30

Proceeds go to non-profit St. Vincent de Paul Ministries, providing homeless kitchens and help for the disadvantaged to find work.

Here’s what they’re saying on Yelp:

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