1. Hi there!

    I don’t see a listing on your website for a thrift store I found in Petaluma, and ought you might want to check it out and put it on your listings!

    My mother in law and I are real Rag-Pickers, surpassed only my own mom and auntie 🙂 and when we found your website we used the info for a trip to Petaluma. We LOVED Alphabet Soup and Sacks, and while on our way back to the freeway we also found The Thrifty Hippie at 216 North Petaluma Blvd– very funky vibe, laid out like a boutique, large and has the brick walls exposed on the inside. The owner said they have been there about a year, and is very personable and very kind. He said when they decided to open a thrift shop, he and his wife decided that the kids clothes would all be free –so there is a room just of kids clothing, and all is no charge! He said they are paying back for all the folks who helped with clothing their kids by contributing to the community.

    The items are displayed well, but I’m sad to say not as well organized as they might be — it took a bit more effort to find things than I was used to, and I’ve been in a whole LOTTA thrift stores. But the merchandise that was there was top-notch, and a lot of funky and fun displays. The jewelry looked neat and the shoes and clothing was really prime! Here’s the phone number: (707) 765-1752. Happy thrifting! I’ll be glad to send you notes on any of the places I find that are not on your site yet!!!!

    In Thrifting Sisterhood,

    Marie the Thrifty Amazon

    1. Hi Marie: I’d love to hear about the thrift store you found in Petaluma, so please let me know…I usually don’t list stores until I’ve actually visited them in person, so if it’s not on my site, then it means I just haven’t gotten there yet.

      Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Thrifting! Mimi

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