Goodwill on Fillmore

Today I am thrifting with my dear friend Duffy (not her real name) who is a self-described ‘retail horse’ and jewelry designer with an eye for classic collections and Catholic (not her real religion) icons.

The following is a terribly abbreviated list of some things we could have bought (but didn’t):

– Patio Chair Cushions probably donated by Target as overstock that have a modern mid-century vibe ($13.99 each).  The reason being is that I happen to know for a fact that Goodwill thrift stores get overstock donations from Target stores;

– A Set of Four Vintage Ice Cream Glasses ($1.99 each)  that we paired with a colorful blue tray ($1.99) and thought would make an excellent gift;

– A retro pair of wooden Japanese cranes that someone should buy as a housewarming present because cranes bring good luck! ($0.99 each);

Some other things that we surely didn’t need, but absolutely could not leave without included:

– A 1950’s round glass and wrought-iron gold cocktail table that Mimi will give to Duffy as a (surprise) holiday present once Duffy figures out where to put it in her place, thus giving her enough time to clear out some room and to convince her hubby that she has to accept the present because it was a gift and would otherwise be rude ($16.99); and

– An authentic, vintage pair of sunglasses with luxuriously dark glass lenses that would only fit Duffy’s tiny, little petite head otherwise Mimi would have snagged them ($3.49) .


669 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

(415) 354-8570


Hours: Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sunday 11 – 6

Proceeds go to those with workplace disadvantages and disabilities through job training and retraining, job placement and employment

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