Thrift Town in the Mission

A trip to Thrift Town is a little like a visit to an archaeological dig.  You know you’re apt to find buried treasure, but it’s just going to take a little bit of excavation.  The store in the Mission is a mish-mash of extremes.  Not only can you find used stuffed animals here (although I’m not sure who really buys those), but on the ground floor of this two-story building, you’re just as likely to find vintage clothing, interesting vintage ceramics and a red-checkered men’s western shirt for about half of what you’d pay in a vintage clothing store.  This is a great place for vintage finds of all kinds.  And, their book section is almost as big as your local library.  OK, that’s a slight exaggeration, but there are a lot of books here.  And, albums, too.  Yep, vinyl – for those of you who have a record player.  So, if you’ve got a little time on your hands, this store is a great place to spend it.  And, be sure to take a gander at what’s in the “special” section near the cash registers, where they keep the better merchandise.

Thrift Town
2101 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 861-1132

Hours:  Monday to Friday 9  to 8,  Saturday 10 to 7, Sunday 10 to 6

This family-owned thrift store chain benefits the Association for the Retarded (ARC), and Community Association for the Retarded and Handicapped (CARH) and “Lifehouse” in San Rafael, among other charity partners.



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