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Getting to Know Martha

Who knew that Martha Stewart actually goes to garage sales? Well, it’s true.  During a meet and greet recently, someone in the crowd belted out, “Martha, where did you get your fabulous necklace?”  Martha placed her hand on her neck, as if to remember which necklace she was wearing, smiled, and said, “Oh this?  I […]

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Delta Road Trip

Last week-end, my friend Liz and I went on a Delta road trip. This was our loose itinerary: 11 a.m. Ride the Scenic Limited through the wildflowers at the Western Railway Museum. Next, drive to Rio Vista and find an acceptable lunch spot. The rest of the afternoon, explore the hauntingly interesting Delta towns of […]

Welcome to thrift store junkies

Let's save money {and the environment} together by reusing and recycling, and by shopping at stores that help others in our Bay Area communities. Happy Thrifting! Mimi

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Hay House

Hay House - Healing ourselves and planet earth

Greg Novak, Realtor

Greg Novak, Realtor